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The ultimate goal of TechnicalLimit is to monitor and optimize drilling efficiency. It was created to compare real-time key performance indicators to standard values in order to determine and evaluate efficiency levels throughout the entire workflow. Reports coming from daily drilling activities are synthesized and analyzed against standard values and result in complex charts, graphics and statistics regarding the company's effectiveness and realizations. Use TechnicalLimit to acquire the data you need in order to improve and streamline the processes within your company.

Features at a glance:

  1. Reveals an accurate picture of your company’s drilling efficiency in time, for activities and groups of activities.
  2. Displays the activities of a selected Key Performance Indicator (KPI) through the perspective of actual and technical limit value.
  3. Allows you to manage activities and configure them for a certain platform and Key Performance Indicator.
  4. Configures KPI detailed on platforms, sections and time intervals and keeps a record of their previous values.
  5. Elaborates complex graphs from different KPI perspectives for a better grasp of your drilling performance.

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