WellPlan is a complex application designed to facilitate the planning of wells for drilling. The application plans the activities and equipment necessary in the drilling process of a well and allows you to configure wells and sections for an accurate reflection of the future hole. Designed to offer a comprehensive perspective over the entire drilling workflow, WellPlan is a valuable planning tool for any upstream oil and gas company, providing important insight into all phases and parts of a plan.

Features at a glance:

  1. Develops flexible plans for the activities required by the drilling process detailed to sub-activities and sub-categories.
  2. Plans and provides a good perspective over the entire equipment needed in the drilling process.
  3. Allows you to set the framework of wells and sections used on different platforms of your company.
  4. WellPlan can integrate with other drilling-related applications.
  5. Can assign relevant documentation to a plan (either from a separate application or directly in WellPlan).
  6. Records all estimated, budgeted and actual hours of an activity and follows the implementation of a plan.
  7. Allows the user to start a plan from scratch or from another previous plan.

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