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DevTracker is a complex software tool tailored to meet one of the most sensitive sections in ISO quality management: Control of nonconformities. If problems and deviations occurring inside a business are not spotted and dealt with correctly, they can prevent an effective work flow and can sometimes have serious consequences over the company's well-being. That's why we designed DevTracker to make it easier for employees to pinpoint any non-conformities they might come across in their work, regardless of their nature or gravity and proceed with their resolution. Deviations are organized into groups and departments and are assigned to different people inside the company. They are also given a priority and get different statuses as they resolve.

Features at a glance:

  1. Organizes deviations into departments and groups for a structured deviation assignment.
  2. Follows a deviation’s status from issuing to closing out time and records the problem and its resolution steps for future reference.
  3. Displays deviations through different user perspectives for a flexible and convenient approach.
  4. Notifies relevant users when a new deviation has been issued or when there’s a change of status of certain deviation.
  5. Invites users to suggest solutions for the deviation, attach relevant files and notify other users over the deviation’s updates.
  6. Involves multiple users to troubleshoot or follow the deviation or its resolution process.