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SupplierManager is a software application that evaluates and ultimately validates the conformity of suppliers with the company's quality management standards, policies, and procedures. It also monitors the suppliers' performance during the business collaboration. SupplierManager is ideally suited for large and medium-sized companies which manage large amounts of products, services, and providers. With SupplierManager , the company knows at all times the suppliers that it can count on, can exclude the ones that do not comply with the company's requirements, and can continually discover new suppliers which offer improved products and services.

Features at a glance:

  1. Reliable evaluation tool for future suppliers as well as a re-evaluation tool for existent suppliers.
  2. Includes automatic notification and mail based vendor request system.
  3. Provides support for supplier nonconformance reports.
  4. Allows you to customize the application to suit the demands of your business: the suppliers’ departments, the products and services that vendors cater for etc.
  5. SupplierManager supplies the means to manage vendors, agencies and products altogether, supporting complex connections between them as well as a centralized overview point for any manager or procurement manager.

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